Saturday, August 17, 2013

Duck Derby Race

Test races making sure that everything is all set
Today was the annual Allens Pond Audubon Sanctuary Duck Derby.  Tomorrow afternoon will find out who the grand prize and other winners are.  The Festival at the field station on Horseneck Road begins at 10 o'clock and there will also be a barbecue at a cost of five dollars.  There are silent auctions and auctions of plants.

Now for a pictorial essay of the events leading to and including the race.
Preparing the booms

Moving the booms into position

Positioning the booms

Positioning the booms
Positioning the booms

Checking the finish line

Getting the ducks ready for the race

Removing ineligible ducks

People arriving to watch the race

Preparing the net the whole ducks

Starting to fill the net

keep adding ducks

More ducks

 5866 Ducks

Waiting for the race start

Bring in the ducks to the starting line

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Releasing the ducks for the start

Their on their way

Jockeying for position

Onlookers watching

One duck in the lead

Headed for the finish line

Collecting the winners

Gathering the ducks that did not make it

A happy crowd

Tallying the winners

double checking the winners

capturing the ducks

putting the ducks away until next year

carrying the ducks,in from their hard race

everybody enjoyed the race