Monday, August 19, 2013

Gulls and Feeding Frenzy

First year herring gulls picking at a bag
As I previously posted on the 17th I photographed Allens Pond Duck Derby and on the 18th I photographed the Duck Derby Festivities including a 5K race, a kids obstacle course and the annual festivities with music and the barbecue.  Anyway, on the 17th while relaxing in between setting up for the race and then getting the ducks ready to race, I noticed across the water on the sand bar some gulls nibbling at something trying to get food.  So I decided to pick up my tripod in lens waded into the water and started photographing.  The gulls were trying to get into a bag, which apparently had some food in it.  Two women who were walking went over to the bag, open the dumped out the food, and then remove the bag, so would would not remain and spoil the sandbar.  Then the fun began.  The gulls started to gather and fly in and scream at one another, trying to keep other gulls away from the food.  It was interesting, the younger immature gulls were more aggressive than the adults.  A ring-bill gull was trying to get some of the food, but the larger gulls chasing it away.  So remember when you are out photographing, keep your eyes open because you may find something else interesting happening.

First year herring gull

Ring-billed gull feeding

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Gulls feeding

Arguing over food and the ring-billed gull left out