Sunday, September 1, 2013

A New Photographer

Abby asking her father if she can take a picture
There will be two blogs today.  We found a walking stick and because it was raining outside, decided to photograph it on inside set up.  My great-granddaughter Abby, who was 5 1/2 wanted to learn how to take pictures and so her father showed her how to with the setup and she was a fast learner.  She learned how to use the rear button to focus, zoom a lens and adjust the set up.  She handled the walking stick very gently and placed it on the leaves and photograph the the walking stick.  Just added another photographer to the family.  Besides me, my sons, my grandsons and my great-granddaughter are now enthusiastic photographers.  Abby, is an extremely fast learner and if she keeps this up, she will become an award-winning photographer.
Abby being taught how to take a picture

Abby rear focusing and taking a picture

Abby check in the picture on the LCD screen

Abby teaching her bear how to take a picture