Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"FOREVER LIGHT The Landscapes Photographer's Guide to Iceland" A Book Review

Iceland has been added to one of the now places to visit to photograph.  I have added it to my bucket list.  Now there are two ways of visiting Iceland: the first is to join one of the many workshops that are advertised where the itinerary is set (with changes because of weather conditions), and the price range is from all-inclusive, including air to everything in Iceland is included, except for airfare; the second way is for you to travel with one to two friends and rough it by sleeping in a camper.  If the second method appeals to you, then I hereby recommend the e-book "FOREVER LIGHT The Landscapes Photographer's Guide to Iceland" by Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa.  It is published by Dreamscapes: Ian Plant Photography  for a cost of $14.95.

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"FOREVER LIGHT" is extremely well written and easy to understand and "it will make your own photo adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice be as thrilling as can be."

In the book, the authors give you information on planning a photography trip to Iceland, driving tips, food options total travel costs and information on the various times went to visit Iceland.  The second part of the guide gives you information about the various locations and photographic opportunities.  Included in each description, are GPS coordinates, the seasons that is best to photograph the location, which are lenses that you can use, directions, and a description of the area.

Even if you are planning to join a workshop, this e-book gives you great information about Iceland and what to expect.  So if you are planning to go with a group, I still recommend that you purchase this book and learn about the great country of Iceland.