Thursday, September 12, 2013

Photographing Gulls

Why I like to photograph gulls.  For one reason they are common in another reason is that they are usually present everywhere.  If that isn't enough, they are great bird to practice your techniques for photographing birds in flight, especially if there is a wind blowing, since they will hover in the wind.  Also, you can attract them easily by holding some food up and they will come and take it out of your hand, but if you photographing, it's good to have a second person holding the food or tossing it up into the air.  A long time ago, in my film days, I was in Florida, I lay down on the sand, had a camera with a wide-angle lens and held up a cracker and obtained photographs of the laughing gull coming in taking the cracker from my hand.  Gulls, if they are feeding, who provide interaction between gulls as one goal tries to steal the food from another gull.  So in conclusion, gulls are excellent bird to help you hone your photographic skills.

Gull taking food from hand
Gull squabble

Glaucous gull with mouth open

Great Black-backed Gull regurgitating a pellet

Great Black-backed Gull landing

Gull with a herring

Great Black-backed Gull Feeding on a Black Skimmer Juvenile

Gull with a Crab

Gull on Top of a Humpback Whale Head

Gull blur

Gull Diving for Food

Gull with Crab

Gull with an Eel

Ring-billed Gull Landing