Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pale Touch-me-not (Impatiens pallida)

The Touch-me-not or otherwise known as the Jewelweed is a member of the impatiens

Touch-me-not is an annual plant, with trumpet shaped flowers that hang like jewels from a bracelet or necklace.  Their seeds will 'pop' if you touch them, and that is where the name Touch-me-not came from.

Touch-me-not is found in the eastern part of North America from southern Canada to another part of Florida and blooms from May through October.  It is usually found in moist woods and will be near poison ivy or stinging nettle.  You usually will not find it near poison ivy that is growing in dry soil.
family of plants and are found around the world.  Jewelweed is best known because of skin healing properties.  Its leaves and juices from the stem have been used as treatment for poison ivy, poison oak and other plant rashes, including stinging nettles.  The juice can also be used for treatment for mosquito and other insect bites.