Sunday, October 13, 2013

Massachusetts Camera Naturalists

"The Barn,"
On Saturday, October 12, I attended by third meeting of the Massachusetts Camera Naturalists and was voted in as a full member.  In order to join this organization, you must be sponsored, attend three meetings and present pictures.  It is a great organization and a good place to make new friends.  Massachusetts Camera Naturalists also sponsor an international contest, with the prizes being medals and recognition from PSA.  It is not an expensive contest answer and I will post information on the contest is sooner is available for next year.

The meeting was held at "The Barn" of  The South Kingston Land Trust in Rhode Island.  Around the area, there are number of places of interest of photographers, however the local  National Wildlife Refuges were closed due to the shutdown in the US government.

I only took a few pictures which I will present to you.
I Like This Stairway inside The Barn

Small Shed

The Barn, Processed Using a Bleach Bypass

Lonely Flower in the Field