Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Post Processing Simplified By Glenn Bartley - A Review

I have read and am writing a review on a brand-new e-book written by my good friend Glenn B

The e-book is entitled "Post Processing Simplified" in which Glenn shares the strategies and techniques that he has developed over the years to improve and simplify Post Processing.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction: The chapters of this book are organized in a logical way to work through the following steps:
▶▶Creating a logical and efficient file management system
▶▶Culling images effectively and selecting your best work
▶▶Converting RAW files
▶▶Processing images in Adobe Photoshop

This guide is for you if you want to:

▶▶Spend less time at the computer
▶▶Streamline your processing workflow
▶▶Take your best images and take them to a whole new level
▶▶Display your images to family and friends

Included with this eBook are:

▶▶Downloadable Photoshop Actions designed to save you time.
▶▶Sample Images to work on (cloning, layer mask, noise reduction)
▶▶Links to online video tutorials

The book is set up in a logical fashion from downloading the pictures right through presenting your pictures on the web, and printing your work.

Scattered throughout the entire book are Expert Tips and Time Savers, which Glenn uses and is happy to teach you to make life easier as you post process.

In chapter 2: SETUP, he describes a very important step, which is calibrating the monitor and buying a good monitor.  In this chapter.  He also goes into detail on how to set up a workspace suitable for you in Adobe Photoshop.

In the rest of the book, Glenn takes you from basic Adobe Photoshop Workflow right through advanced techniques with selections and layering.  He will teach you how to create and use actions and use actions so you can batch process.

Also included in the book, are set of plans actions plus video tutorials.

This book is worth the $25 and is available from Glenn at

 In fact, I have been using some of his workflow since I took a workshop with them a number years ago, on Vancouver island, British Columbia.