Monday, November 4, 2013

More Pictures from Canada

Panorama of Herbert Lake
In the week since I returned home from Canada, I have been cleaning and putting equipment away, doing paperwork, and I have written the blog's.  However, I still have many pictures to go through and have been working on them all day today.  So here are additional pictures of Canada.  I still have more to go through and select.
Conifers growing on the side of the wall in Johnston Canyon

The Prairie along the Trans-Canada Highway With the Canadian Rockies in the Background

One of the lakes alongside the side of the Trans-Canada Highway

Looking down the Trans-Canada Highway at the Rockies

The Mountains near Patricia Lake

Photographing an Elk

Johnston Canyon

Herbert Lake With Reflections

Ewe and Kid Bighorn Sheep Running

Bighorn Sheep Kid on the Rocks

Canadian Rockies at Sunrise

Panorama of Herbert Lake, six vertical pictures stitched in Photoshop

Bighorn Sheep Eating

Bighorn Sheep Kid Running

Bighorn Sheep Ram