Sunday, November 3, 2013

How I Did It. Having Fun with Photoshop

The other night was Halloween, and I wanted to create a picture suitable for the night.  I thought about it for a while, thinking do I want pumpkins like everybody else, or do I want to do something different.  I decided to do something different.  Here is how I did it.

My neighbors in my condo building had a "Grim Reaper" hanging on their front porch.  I grabbed my camera and took a couple of pictures of it.  After importing it into Lightroom, I exported to edit the picture in Photoshop.  First, I needed to isolate the Grim Reaper from its background and I utilized the quick selection tool and the refined edge tool.  I then moved the selection to a separate layer.  Next, I went into my files in Lightroom and found a cemetery picture that I had converted to black and white.  I then opened that also into Photoshop.  Next, in Photoshop on the Windows setting > Arrange > Float All in Windows.  Now that I had both pictures open, first I selected the Grim Reaper and blurred it slightly.  Using the move tool.  I then moved to Grim Reaper to the cemetery picture.  However, it was too large initially, so I removed it from the picture and then downsides the Grim Reaper, so it would fit better in the cemetery picture.  I then brought the Grim Reaper back into the cemetery picture lower the opacity, and turned on the overlay setting and adjusted it to where I wanted it, and that the underlying tombstone would standout.  I then did a slight blur on the whole picture, flatten the levels and got my final picture.  What do you think about the result?

Original picture
Picture after utilizing the quick selection tool and placing the picture in a new layer
Original picture
Converted to black and white
Happy Halloween