Thursday, December 5, 2013

Venus, Waxing Crescent Moon And the Night Sky at Gooseberry

Sunset at Gooseberry
There is a lot going on in the night sky this month of December. Venus which is in the night sky just after sunset is near its time of its greatest brilliancy. And right after sunset especially December fifth and sixth Venus is close to the early crescent moon. Last night I went out to Gooseberry, because the skies were clear in the next few days it is going to be cloudy and possibly raining and photographed first the sunset at Gooseberry then Venus and the Moon just after sunset and then photographed them just as the Moon was setting over the dunes at Horseneck Beach.

Venus and the Moon from Gooseberry Looking West
Venus with the Moon Setting over the Dunes at Horseneck Beach
 The stars were brilliant and led to a few good photographs. However, the ambient light coming from the New Bedford area did light up the bottom of the sky.

Night Sky Looking East with the Pleiades
Coming up is the Geminids meteor shower.The peak night of the 2013 Geminid meteor shower is expected to be from late evening  (Friday, December 13) until dawn(Saturday, December 14). The meteors will be flying, but will you see them in the bright light of the waxing gibbous moon? Because of the moon, my plans will be, weather permitting, to be at the stone barn Friday morning from 3 AM to 6 AM and Saturday morning from 4 AM to 6 AM, hopefully to photograph the meteor shower. The reason for this is that the moon will have been set. The reason I use the stone barn because there is much less ambient light in that location, plus there are bathrooms and a kitchen to make hot drinks. If you would like to attend please send me an email and I will get back to you with what equipment you will need. The Geminids can be as nice as the Perseid meteor shower.