Monday, January 6, 2014

A Day at Gooseberry with My Great-Granddaughter

Standing on the causeway looking for birds
The first weekend of the month I great-granddaughter comes visiting and on Sunday, we took a route to gooseberry hoping to see snowy owls since she does like the larger birds. The causeway was still closed to cars, so we walked out to the island stopping to visualize some of the birds that were in the water. There was still some waves hitting the rock and splashing onto the causeway and I bet it was really great during the storm.
Female common goldeneye

The family looking and photographing
We walked up the west side of the beach toward the towers. My great-granddaughter found a crab claw and remembered what it was called from a beach ramble we had taken her on during the summer. Abby is a water bug and had to stand in the surf and then after that decided she needed a play in the sand and the snow.
Abby playing in the snow and dirt

Abby checking out the surf

Abby on the beach
We reached the beach below the towers and still no signs of a snowy owl. The rocks were covered with sea ice in the waves was still splashing above them.
Waves crashing on the rocks

Sea ice on the rocks
Walking up to the towers, we decided to photograph to the graffiti.
Graffiti on the tower

Graffiti on the tower

Graffiti on the tower
Then my great-granddaughter photographed her father sitting on the steps. She even without asking posed her father and told him what she wanted him to do. She then took pictures, utilizing good technique and rear button focusing.
Abby posing her father

Abby photographing her father

Abby photographing her father

Abby's picture of her father

Abby's picture of her father

Add captionAbby's picture of her father
As it was starting to drizzle we then called it quits and slowly walked back down the island and across the causeway, with everybody having a good time. Taking children out to enjoy and learn about the natural world around us is better for them than sitting in front of the television or playing video games.
Thistle in the snow

Snow, rocks, with patterns

Snow and ice

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