Thursday, January 9, 2014

Plymouth Massachusetts

I decided today to visit Plymouth Massachusetts since I haven't photograph the birded that area in a while. I started at Jenney Pond, where most of the pond was frozen. In the open area there were a number of Buffleheads, either female or first year males, Greater Scaup, a couple of Gadwall pairs and a pair of Mute Swans. In the small creek that leads into the pond were mostly mallards. Most of the birds were either feeding or preening. The only passerines that I saw were a few juncos and house sparrows.
Greater Scaup

Greater Scaup

House Sparrow

Mute Swan preening
I then went down to the harbor and stopped at the Pilgrim Monument State Park where there were Red-breasted Mergansers, a Ruddy Duck a single female Common Eider. As I was searching around to see if there was anything else I noticed a pair of small white birds on the rocks. When I got closer I recognized a pair of Snow Buntings, whole obligingly allowed me to photograph them.
Ruddy Duck
Female Common eider flapping her wings
Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting

Pair of Snow Buntings
I then traveled to the harbor itself to see if there were any unusual gulls present but nothing but the usual. Since the tide was partly out I decided then to travel to Plymouth Beach to see if there were any unusual gulls there and to walk out toward the tip of the beach to look for snowy owls. However, when I got to the entrance to the beach, it was closed due to laying down of new sand on top of the rocks. It looks like that part of the roadway got washed out during the last storm.

However all in all it was a good morning.