Thursday, January 2, 2014

Annual Allens Pond Beach Ramble New Year's Day 2014

A beautiful clear, brisk afternoon was the weather for the beach ramble at the Beach Loop at Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary in Dartmouth Massachusetts. Normally Doug leads the ramble and I photograph the activities. However, Doug was sick and I therefore led the ramble. We had 11 participants, some who saw the sign and stopped to join in the activity. A number of the people were friends and had seen the activity in the Dartmouth local paper.

The tide was outgoing toward low and the beach which last week was loaded with wrack was very empty. We found some slipper shelves and discussed their biology and life cycle. We found a lot more shells and interesting debris to discuss on the cobbles at the end of the beach loop. There were very few birds present except for some ducks and gulls.

One of the participants in the ramble, Bob Gagnon, however did take a number of pictures and video which he will send to me and I will post them later.

Everybody enjoyed themselves and it was another beautiful day at Allens Pond.