Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Follow-Up on My Cold Weather Gear for the Photo Trip to Canada

One of my readers emailed me and asked the question how did my cold weather gear worked up in Alberta Canada and thought I should write a blog about it. So here it is.

For my gear I had no problems with the Think Tank Airport 4-Sight Rolling Camera Bag, since except for 1 1/2 hours walking, we worked out of the van and everything was available.

Temperatures ranged from the mid-20s all away up to the low 50s except for the lost day when it started out even colder. I utilized The Cabela's WindStopper® Trans-Alaska Elite Trail Suit for the first two days in the last day of shooting, because those were the coldest days. Underneath it, I wore a pair of thermals and a shirt and was very comfortable and did not even get cold. The other three days, it was warm enough that I wore my thermals, shirt and pants, and a three-way jacket to keep me comfortable.

I utilized the Kamik  Collingwood Winter Pac Boots the entire time and they kept my feet warm and dry, even when I stepped into snow up to my mid thighs. I highly recommend them.

Because of the temperatures I only needed to use the glove liners and the pair slightly heavier gloves. I did not need the very heavy. Gloves at all during this trip.

I utilized a watch type hat all the time to keep my head warm.

As for my camera and lenses I had no problem with the cold weather with them not working.

In closing, check the weather, dress appropriately and in layers. Remember no cotton.