Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alberta Canada Finale

Since I've been home from Canada, I have been editing my photos, writing blogs, unpacking and doing some accounting getting ready for tax season.

So here is the final wrap-up of my Canadian trip. After leaving Fort Saskatchewan, we traveled back to Drumheller, arrived there in time for lunch and then out into the prairie again looking for snowy owls. Again we found a cooperative snowy owl in the late afternoon going into sunset which gave a different set of lighting on the bird.
Snowy owl flying down the road at sunset

Snowy owl flying at sunset

Snowy owl flying after the sun set, this required increasing my ISO and opening up my lens to keep my shutter speed up

It was our final day, after breakfast we went out to the ranch where one of our leaders lived, hopefully to get northern goshawk's which have been hanging around the ranch. However, it was very cold and there was a stiff wind blowing in the goshawk's were hiding. A leader is a falconer and we got to see his birds one of which gyrfalcon. The leader told us that there was a Great Gray Owl reported down in one of the city parks in Calgary. The consensus of the group was instead of looking for snowy owls again we drive down to Calgary seeking the great gray owl before we went to the airport for our trip home.
Captive Gyrfalcon

We arrived at Griffin Woods Park which is on the Elbow River and we walked around to see if we could find the owl. No such luck again. The park is very nice and it would been better if we had more time to explore.
Griffin Woods Park And the Elbow River

Oh well, I still did not get my Great Great Owl, so it looks like I will have to return again next year to try to find it. All in all it was a worthwhile trip.

Besides the owls there is a lot more to photograph including old buildings, sunrises sunsets and other creatures.

White tailed deer looking down the road at us

Barn at sunset

Mule Deer

Old house on the prairie

Portion of an old combine with a grease gun

Sunrise on the prairie

Sunset with a gas pump, all over the prairie in Alberta there a gas and oil pumps
Mornings that were very cold after a of warmer day the trees, bushes and plants were covered would hoarfrost which was a interesting and beautiful sight.