Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Follow-up on a Topaz Webinar by Tony Sweet

Original Post-Processing
New Post-Processing after Viewing the Webinar by Tony Sweet
I finished watching a webinar from Topaz called "Creative Processing of Personal Expression Using Topaz with Tony Sweet" in which he used different modules of the Topaz plug-ins to create some great pictures. The session was recorded and the edited version will be available to review at soon. Or you can watch the unedited version here:

Also there is a coupon with is worth 30% discount off of all products and is valid only to February 9, 2014 : "tonyweb3" .

After viewing the session I went back and reprocessed a photograph from this fall that I took in New Hampshire, utilizing some of the techniques that was shown.

Here is the original, followed by my original post-processing and the new post-processing.

As I have previously said there is nothing like learning and adapting to new workflows.  Keep an open mind and continue to learn. It will only approve your art.

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