Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creative Digital Processing, a Brief Review and a Great Price

The longer I am into photography the more I know that you have to keep on learning. I follow blogs, read e-books, watch webinars and view videos. I most of the time am always picking up new ways of taking a picture or doing my post-processing. I just been viewing and reviewing the complete bundle from Dreamscapes which includes Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop learning plus a copy of Michael Frye's "Landscapes in Lightroom 5". For the price of $59.95 is a great bargain. For either a complete bundle on just the Lightroom video tutorials click the link at the bottom of this blog.

The 18 Adobe Lightroom five video tutorials from Kurt Budliger takes you from the introduction through importing, using the develop module to exporting your final picture.Each video is very easy to understand and takes you step-by-step through out the processes.

Ian Plant's videos also take you step-by-step and helps you learn more of the in and outs of using Photoshop.

The e-book from Michael Frye shows you his workflow in using Lightroom.

So all in all you have three different workflows on how to process landscapes and then this allows you to choose what serves you best.

The way I use the videos is to utilize one monitor for the program that I am working on - Lightroom of Photoshop - and on my second monitor have the video running and pause the video as I am applying the effect that is being talked about.

Here is the information from Dreamscapes about the products and the cost
of each of the products. The complete bundle will save you 20%.

Ian Plant Dreamscapes just released a new set of eighteen Adobe Lightroom 5 video tutorials, the Complete Lightroom Workflow, prepared by long-time Dreamscapes blogger Kurt Budliger. Kurt takes the mystery out of this powerful program. He leads you through his personal workflow, taking you every step of the way—from importing media through organizing and editing images, applying common adjustments, synching your settings across images, and exporting to Adobe Photoshop. And as an added bonus, he provides you three case studies from his own images, explaining the aesthetic decisions he made in processing each image. And it's available now for only $29.95.

In addition, we have also bundled together all of Dreamscapes' Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop-related learning into one handy bundle. Included are Kurt's Complete Lightroom Workflow, Ian's Creative Digital Processing Photoshop video tutorials, and a copy of Michael Frye's Landscapes in Lightroom 5, which also includes the RAW files discussed in the work, and access to video tutorials. Our Digital Darkroom Mastery product is available now for only $59.95--the included copy of Landscapes in Lightroom 5 comes along for FREE!

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