Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Snowy Owl Photos

Snowy Owl in the Marsh Grass at Sachuest Saltmarsh
Finally, on Tuesday after almost a month, Doug and I went out birding. We went down to Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge in Middletown Rhode Island hopefully to see the barn owl and the snowy owls.

The snowy owl was very easy to find it was sitting in the marsh grass at the Sachuest Saltmarsh located at Third Beach. The snowy owl was taken life easy and intermittently preening giving me some interesting shots including some great wing stretches.
Because of the location of the snowy owl and the sun all the pictures were side-lit from the left..

Snowy owl fluffing its feathers

Snowy owl preening

Snowy owl preening

Snowy owl looking up during preening

Snowy owl preening

Snowy owl started to stretch its wings

Snowy all what a great wing stretch

Snowy owl preening
Later we traveled up to the main portion of the refuge and after talking to one of the volunteers and the refuge visitor center we traveled out to where the barn owls have been seen. As with looking for any creature in the wild, nothing is ever promised are guaranteed. Yes we struck out. We observed the Northern Harrier and a good number of different sea ducks.

Well, even though there was no barn owl it was great getting out with Doug again and we had a good time in the great outdoors.

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