Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Artist within Me

The tree at Salisbury Beach State Reservation intrigue me and I decided to see what the artist inside of me could visualize the scene.

First, because I didn't have a ball tripod head with me I utilized the Puffin Pad, invented by two friends of mine Ken and Wayne, to support my camera on my car window. The great thing about the Puffin Pad is that it is very light and does not require any beans. You can find out more about the Puffin Pad at http://www.puffinpad.com/

I took three bracketed shots at 0, -1, +1 compensation, used Photomatrix Pro to create an HDR. Then I adjusted the settings in Lightroom.
-1 compensation

0 compensation

+1 compensation

Photomatrix HDR with Lightroom adjustments

Finally utilized some of the Topaz filters to adjust the scene. The first set of plug-ins I utilized was Clarity, Detail, and Adjust.

Picture number one
 For the second picture I utilized the ReStyle plug-in.

Picture number two
 Finally I used Simplify to create a ghostly painted effect.

Picture number three
Which one of my three artistic pictures do you like? Please let me know, also if you don't like them let me know and the reasons why.

Remember Simplify is on sale to the end of February at 50% off