Friday, March 7, 2014

Other Items You May See on the down East Maine Workshop

Arctic bog With Pitcher Plant Flowers
For those of you who were considering joining John Solina and myself on The Down East Main trip in July, besides towering cliffs, lighthouses, old fishing villages there is even more to photograph. In West Quoddy State Park there is an arctic bog that is a joy to photograph would all the different plants that are present. Among them are sundews, pitcher plants, bake-apple cloud-berry to just name a few.
Pitcher Plant

Sundew Head

Sundew Plant

We will also do some night photography and hopefully you can get some photographs like these which were taken on Cape Cod and in Dartmouth Massachusetts. We will be up in Maine at the time of some meteor showers.
Milky Way and Meteor

Highland Light and Milky Way

So sign up now for a great time. You will come back with amazing pictures and see parts of Maine in New Brunswick that most people do not visit.

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