Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring and the Herring Have Arrived

Oliver Mills Park at the junction of Route 44 and Nemansket St., Middleborough, MA
On the second day of Spring the herring finally showed up at Oliver Mill Park in Middleboro Massachusetts. Talking with a member of the Lakeville-Middleboro Fisheries Commission, he told me that he saw one herring down at the fish ladder yesterday.  The problem will be starting on Sunday 3/23 the temperature will be in the 30's degrees or lower and the herring will wait in the deep holes of the Taunton river  until the temperature rises and the water gets warmer. .

Oliver Mill Park is a great place to visit. There are picnic tables so you can enjoy a lunch or a snack. There are remnants of the old mill and for you photographers, when the herring start running you can photograph gulls and great blue herons feeding plus photograph the herring jumping to get over the dam to make their way up to their breeding area in Assawompsett. If you are into macro photography, Ebony Jewelwing Damselflies and other interesting subjects are present when the weather gets warmer.
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To photograph the herring you can use a polarizing filter on your lens to cut down the glare from the water or use a underwater camera and place it down into the water and fire away.
At the end of the second bridge on the right if you look down there is a pool where the herring congregate prior to them trying to jump up over the dam and is a good place to photograph the having
Herring in the pool
This is the easier way for the herring to make it up the Nemansket River
 On April 11-13 the commission's have in the first annual Herring Run Festival. More information can be found at Hope to see you there