Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Computers and computer programs, you can't live withoutThem and sometimes it's hard living with them

Computers and computer programs, you can't live without him and sometimes it's hard living with them. I have been having a number of computer issues over the last week. First on my laptop I could not install the Lightroom 5.4 although it installed without any problem on my desktop. I contacted Adobe and it took that technician two hours to solve the problem. The problem was Lightroom 5.4 uses My Pictures folder to store the settings and on my laptop Lightroom could not find that folder. The folder was inside My Videos folder. So all we had to do was move the folder under me as the user in Lightroom 5.4 installed. The interesting thing was it took the technician so long to find the answer while a little later on a blog I followed the answer was there in the blog poster after I wrote her my problem was sorry she didn't posted earlier.

Later on my desktop I found that I could not access my backup files on the web in my files were not being backed up. I try to uninstall the program but there was a damaged file that would not let me do that in the same file will not let me reinstall the program. It was a ~.ddl file and I was recommended to contact Microsoft, which I did. Two separate technicians try to fix the problem but was unable to fix it. I was then referred to a second level technician who called me later and was able to remove the the program, but not reinstall it. He ran some's system checks on my computer and set I have a number of errors and we reinstalled the Windows software, which did not change any of my programs and settings-supposedly. Because the reinstall took 2 to 3 hours. The technician called me back the next day and told me to retry everything again and he would now call me today which is Tuesday the 22nd. I was still haven't problems and then when I try to open Outlook or at any of my office 2010 programs they would not load. I try to reinstall but that would not work. I recontacted Adobe in this nice technician try to fix the problem but couldn't. So I am now without Outlook or any of my word programs and hopefully when the second level technician calls me back tonight you will be able to fix that. It is a good thing that I can read my email online, except yesterday my email server was down almost the whole day. It is now back up and I have caught up with my email.

So I said computers you can't live without them but that when they go haywire it is bad. Yes I have a PC and not a Mac and at this point I have too much invested in my PC to change.