Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update On My Activities

Well, after many go rounds with the technicians from Microsoft the only way we could fix my computer was to do a clean install of the operating system. The good part is that all my data are on not on the C drive. My computer C drive is an SSD drive and contains mostly the operating system and program files and all my files are on a 1 Tb D drive, and my pictures are all on external drives. The only problem was now I had to reinstall my program files, Office, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. that has been taking up all of my time. So I am up and running.

I am packing for my trip to the Columbia River Gorge with Joseph Rossback Photography.  I have always wanted to visit this area  in order to photograph the rainforest, waterfalls  and spring flowers. it will be a busy trip photographing  from sunrise to sunset .   then once I come home I have to get everything cleaned  and repacked  for a trip to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with a friend of mine  Larry Ditto.

I read an interesting article today from the Digital Photography School entitled "Finding Gold in Your Image Archives" this article hit very close to home. Since I have been reviewing old pictures keywording and the leading out of focus pictures, but I have found pictures that I have either not post processed in the past or now have reprocessed and have gotten a better image. The article is located at:

While I'm away. I will try post blogs on my Facebook page, and then when I return I will also send out links. The reason for that is I do not use Outlook on my laptop and I have to find a way to import my mail list onto my email server.