Thursday, May 29, 2014

Barney's Joy and a "Sunrise Shorebird Shoot (with your camera!)"

Today I returned to Allens Pond joining Josie and one of the wildlife interns Kourtney for a visit to Barney's Joy.  The private beach at Barney's Joy is one of the sites that are monitored by the shorebird monitoring program.  Least terns are the the main endangered bird that is encountered out at Barney's Joy.  Just before we went to Barney's Joy, we went down to the beach loop at Allens Pond where Josie showed Kourtney the new piping plover nest that we found yesterday.
Josie and Kourtney

area of the nest

Compared to yesterday, the weather was overcast and there was intermittent slight drizzle, plus the winds were blowing out of the north northwest.  The temperature with the wind chill was probably in the 40s.

The majority of the least terns were huddled in the leeward side, but at times the terns were being blasted by the wind blown sand.  This gave the appearance of rain/snow.
Least Terns

Least tern being blasted by the wind-blown sand

Besides the least terns, a willet and oystercatcher flew by and there was one piping plover running around foraging.  The piping plover probably came from the nest that is located on the opposite side of the channel.
Piping Plover
 To celebrate the beginning of the summer, join me for a "Sunrise Shorebird Shoot (with your camera!)"  Sponsored by Allens Pond, Sat, Jun 21, 2014 5:30 am - 12:00 pm.  We will meet at the field station, and then travel out to Gooseberry to begin photographing.  Recommended, a long lens of at least 300 mm plus a tele-converter and a tripod.  Be prepared to get wet and dirty, because the best pictures are obtained by shooting at the level of the shorebirds.  I recommend knee-pads to protect your knees from the rocks.  I would bring non-DEET bug spray and sunscreen along with water and a snack.  After we finished at Gooseberry, we will returned to Allens Pond and photograph on the beach loop.  We will finish up with lunch and a review of the morning activities. You can sign up at
Cost is $20 for members and $24 for non-members