Sunday, May 4, 2014

More Adventures

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Before I continue with blogs about my Oregon trip, I must describe yesterday and today's events.  Also I have to finish working on the Oregon photos because on Thursday I fly to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas for three days of intensive shooting on a photo ranch.

Saturday, I joined my compadre John Slonina and helped him with his workshop photographing around the Newport, Rhode Island.  We started off at Sachuest National Wildlife Sanctuary in Middletown, Rhode Island, where we describe the natural habitat of the area and what could be found in the various seasons, plus make sure that the participants understand basic exposure and composition along with how to read a histogram and to start thinking out-of-the-box.  What thinking out-of-the-box is is just don't shoot standing up, vary your position settings focal length to give an individual feel to your pictures.
The group down on their knees to photograph in Eastham, cottontail in order to get a better perspective, in their picture
From Sachuest, we traveled in Middletown, Rhode Island to Boyds Wind Grist Mill and the 1875 Historic Paradise School.  There we photographed the windmill and the school with close-ups distance photos and sun flares.
Sun flare and silhouette of the windmill

Sun flare at the schoolhouse
We finished up the afternoon with a sunset on the Causeway to Goat Island, where there is a lighthouse and the Pell Bridge in the background.  Before the sun actually set we had beautiful color, but because of a dense cloud bank actual sunset did not show any colors.  So finished an enjoyable day.
Sunset Looking at the Lighthouse on Goat Island
This morning, Sunday, my great-granddaughter what to do go and photograph the sunrise, so we were up early and out to Gooseberry Neck for the sunrise.  Although the temperature was in the 50s.  There was a brisk wind blowing, and it was somewhat cold.  However, we did get an interesting sunrise with the sun illuminating the edges of the clouds.  After we photographed the sunrise, we went out for a nice breakfast at a reasonable cost at Grimms located on Charlotte White Extension in Westport.  The food is good, and as available at a reasonable cost, cash only.
Sunrise at Gooseberry Neck in Westport

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