Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Action around the Marsh

Herring Gull Being Chased by Willets
My plan for today was to do some macro photography, hoping the weather was like yesterday, where there was no wind blowing.  However, when I arrived at the field station at Allens Pond Sanctuary, although a lot of the flowers in the butterfly garden were in bloom the wind made it nearly impossible to photograph.  I tried a few images, but gave up and decided I would take my long lens and go down and see what was happening on the pannes, and over the marsh by the culvert.

The most interesting thing happening was watching the willets and red-winged blackbirds protecting their nesting area against larger birds.  Even when on egret just flew over, the red-winged blackbirds would chase them.

A herring gull came down and landed in the pannes, and was immediately attacked by a pair of willets, who chase the gull back over to the marsh.  They were probably protecting their nest and/or chicks.
The Willet Almost Landed on the Herring Gull
Further down in the pannes, a great egret had been feeding, when suddenly it moved over to a spot, which must've been near a nest, because a male red-winged blackbird started attacking the great egret until it moved away.
Great Egret Being Harassed by a Red-Winged Blackbird

Great Egret Being Harassed by a Red-Winged Blackbird
There was other action taking place, however, I felt that are was just worth it.  Watching and enjoying the interactions of nature rather than taking pictures.  Also, remember watching and observing the behavior of creatures will give you a better idea in the future of what that creature made do situation, which will a better opportunity for a great picture.

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