Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice a Morning of Photography

For the summer solstice, I led a group of four great people on a workshop, "shooting shorebirds - with your camera"  for Allens Pond Sanctuary.  We started off the morning at Gooseberry, traveling down along the east side beach to the tip.  On the way down, we did not see any shorebirds, or terns, but the Double-crested Cormorants were on the rocks summer, which spread their wings and allowed the group to take pictures.  I discussed with the people settings in the camera regards to aperture, shutter speed and ISO and the interrelation between the three parts of the exposure triangle. 

We did find a sad sight a dead seal, which was partly eaten probably by the gulls.  Out at the tip of Gooseberry remarkably no terns and no shorebirds.  Returning down the West side.  We did find groups of eiders with little ducklings.

Finishing up at gooseberry, we went to Allens Pond and traveled down to the beach loop where immediately, we found the piping plovers and three chicks.  The group sat down on the sand and were able to get numerous pictures of these birds as they came toward us.  They did move out of the way when a couple of people walked by them, and we were able to with that point even move closer to them.  And the chicks came up to within 15 feet of us.

Leaving the beach loop, we stopped at the culvert where a saltmarsh sparrow gave us excellent views and allow for some nice photography.

We finished up with box lunches at the field station and further discussed our settings and findings.  And I answered questions.  But a great time was had by all.  It is always a wonderful day when you are outside and photographing rather than sitting in an office.