Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eastern Phoebe Chicks and Post-Processing of a Sunset Picture

Eastern Phoebe Chicks
Today, I had to go out to the stone barn to pick up some items and while I was out there I went into the cellar and took some photographs of the Eastern Phoebe chicks.  The nest was located in a cutout in the foundation, which probably in the past had supported a beam.  The nest contained at least two chicks, one which slept the entire time, and the other who raised its head and opened its beak.

Eastern Phoebe chicks with one having its beak open

After we came home and downloaded the pictures, my grandson and I took one of his pictures that he took while we were in Bridgewater the other evening and we each post-process the picture.  I am going to post both pictures and they will be labeled number one and number two, and I would appreciate my readers to pick out which one they like and send me an email with the answer and the reason, or enter reply into the blog.  In a later blog out tell you who post process which picture.

Number One
Number Two

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