Saturday, August 9, 2014

Perseid Meteor Shower, Supermoon, and Sunsets

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Be ready for a interesting evening and night time event this weekend.  On Sunday, August 10, 2014 though be the closest and largest full moon of the year.  The moon will rise at 7:34 PM and set at 6:52 AM, at my location.  There are many apps or websites to give you the exact time for your location.  It'll be a great time to get out and get pictures of the moon set against a background.  Also, the Perseid meteor shower will be starting to peak from August 11-13.  Normally, the bright moon changes the background of the sky from black to a much brighter sky, which makes it harder to see meteors.  However, there is one good caveat, the Perseid meteors have the largest number of fireballs of any meteor shower.  Because of this occurrence this could be an extremely beautiful event.  Imagine seeing a fireball in the light of the bright supermoon.

I will be out photographing moonrise and sunset on August 10, then go home and rest to return to my favorite spot after midnight to see if I can capture some fireballs.

Last evening, I went down to battleship Cove in Fall River to photograph the sunset.  Although I knew approximately with the sunset was going to happen, I utilize my iPad with PhotoPills and its augmented reality, which showed me exactly the location where the sun would set.  Besides the sunset, looking behind me was a 94% waxing gibbous moon shining over the hills of Fall River.

Harbor master boat meeting, fire Dept. boat at battleship Cove
The image below was from three photos that I blended together in Photomatix
Sunset at battleship Cove
The image below was from three photos that I blended together in NIK HDR Pro
Sunset at battleship Cove

Sunset at battleship Cove as a Silhouette
Although there are two's separate set of images that I post processed in Photomatics and NIK HDR Pro, personally, I like the one that was processed in Photomatics.  I also utilized Topaz Clarity And Detail to finish up the processing of all these photos.

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