Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Beach Ramble

Today is Labor Day, and I led a Beach Ramble at Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary.  Normally on a beach ramble, I am usually only assisting and photographing the ramble.  However, my colleague Doug, who usually leads the rambles, is having back problems and has been advised not to walk on uneven surfaces for the time being.

So I arrived early at the sanctuary and went down to the beach with my long lens and photographed a few of the shorebirds that were present, until people that were walking on the beach drove the shorebirds away.


Piping Plover

Least Sandpiper came within 6 feet of me
 I returned up to the field station, put my camera and lens away and walked across the street for a great breakfast at the Bayside restaurant.  At the start of the ramble.  I had only one person show up, Sarah, who is getting into bird watching and was extremely interested in everything that was occurring in our natural world.  We had a nice leisurely ramble, and Sarah was taking many pictures.

 You can tell fall is coming, the poison ivy is starting to turn its bright red color and in fact, in one area, the red was contrasting with the blue of the high bush blueberries.
Poison Ivy and Blueberries
 Finally, around the culvert and walking on the path way was the first fiddler crabs that I have seen this year
Fiddler Crab
 The nicest part of the Allen Pond Sanctuary is the differences that each of the seasons make.  If you of never visited Allens Pond Sanctuary, you should make an effort to visit because of its vast array of various habitats.

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