Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wee Little Critters

Since it's part of the summer when spiderwebs are getting more frequent to see, my journey today, took me to a number of places to see what I could find in the way of spiderwebs and spiders.  Again, there were numerous areas of fog and when I arrived at the first location, there was some dew on the plants, but not any on the spiderwebs.  Most of the spiders that I photographed where a quarter of an inch or less in size and even with a 1:1 macro lens, I still needed to crop the pictures.  It still was a great morning photographing these interesting arachnoid and watching the habit of some of the spiders.  One in particular crawl to the edge of is web, and hid underneath the seed head of the plant where the web was attached.

Spider hidden beneath a seed head

Spider on its web

Spider was on its web but with water behind it.  I was able to capture it isolated from everything

This is definitely a wee one

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