Thursday, September 11, 2014

Supermoon No Sunset Yes But a Waning Gibbous Moon Yes

Lake Rico in the Golden Hour
The evening of September eighth, the moon will be full.  This moon is known as the Hunter' s Moon and will be a supermoon.  After checking both The Photographer' s Ephemeris and PhotoPills, I decided to travel down the road to Lake Rico, and hopefully capture the full moon rising over the trees and the lake.  The moonrise was going to occur before sunset, so I knew I wanted be down there before sunset.  So I could get set up in a good location.  After parking and setting up my cameras, I was using my 500 mm lens on one camera and my 28-75 mm lens on another camera.  This way I could capture the scene as a variety of compositions.  I then opened PhotoPills on my iPad and utilized the Augmented Reality feature of the program to locate exactly where the moon would rise.

Location of the moon rise, according to PhotoPills

The major problem that faced me was the clouds in the East over of trees and lake.  Behind me in the East with the sun was setting, the clouds were breaking up and clear skies were noted.  What I was hoping is the weather patten would continue and the clouds in the East with disappear or would dissipate enough to allow the moon to be seen.

Just before the sunset, in the Golden hour, the trees, clouds and lake turned a golden orange.  Later, after the sunset, the sky and clouds came a nice shade of pink.

More Golden Hour
Pink in the Sky after Sunset
The Sky Looking South after Sunset
However, after that the clouds instead of dissipating became thicker and nowhere could the moon be seen.  Well, the next two nights will be almost a full moon, and I will try again to photograph the moon over Lake Rico.

Tuesday Night, again no luck because of heavy clouds. Yea! On Wednesday night almost a clear sky I I was able to photograph the 95% waxing Gibbous moon rising over Lake Rico. At least it was not three strikes and you are out!

Light of the moon starting to peer over the trees

The Moon shining through the trees
95% Waning Gibbous Moon
Composite of the moon rising because of time constraints I could not get more photos
  Now, if I was just set up to photograph the sunset in the West and did not turn around, I would have missed the beautiful colors that occurred.  So remember, if you are photographing a sunset or sunrise always look behind you, because it could be great color and a scene that should be photographed.

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