Friday, September 12, 2014

A Morning Birding and Photographing at Daniel Webster Sanctuary

The view from the afternoon blind across the pond, looking toward the morning blind
Finally, this Thursday my friend Doug and I finally have gotten out again to go birding.  Because Doug's back is still not completely well,  we went down to Daniel Webster Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield, where we could observe the birds, utilizing the blinds.  Arriving at the sanctuary, there was a lot of activity around the parking lot, including a number of bluebirds.

After settling down in the morning blind, the activity was slow with a group of mallards in the water in front of us, feeding.  The two best birds at that we saw was a Solitary Sandpiper and a pair of Glossy Ibis.  It was an enjoyable just watching the activity occurring in front of us.
Glossy Ibis preening

Glossy Ibis catching its food

Glossy Ibis looking for food
Solitary Sandpiper

We decided to go around to the afternoon blind to see if there was anything else occurring at that area.  What surprised us, when we reached the blind, was the real low level of the water at that end of the pond.  Bird activity was slow, except for a group of mallards, which were preening and did give a wing flap.
Mallard with the wing flap

Walking back to the parking lot.  We did come across a Cedar Waxwing and a Savannah Sparrow.  Along the fence and Eastern chipmunk was going to with stand with his cheek pockets filled with seeds that it took from the bird feeders.
Eastern Phoebe

Savannah Sparrow

Cedar waxwing
Eastern chipmunk with its cheeks full

In total we identified 33 different species of birds, in the few hours that we were there at the sanctuary.

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