Sunday, October 12, 2014

Night Sky Workshop, Featuring the Milky Way and the Orionoids Meteor Shower.

Milky Way above Gooseberry
I will be holding a night sky workshop starting at 10 PM October 20 lasting through 3 AM October 21 in the parking lot of Gooseberry neck, Westport, Massachusetts.  The first portion of the workshop will be getting great images of the Milky Way as it shines overhead.  We will also do some light painting and if I can find a small tent we will set that up with lights inside to give a different look to your pictures.

 Orion appears above the eastern horizon, starting at around midnight and is the radiant point for the Orionoids meteor shower.  The Orionoid meteor shower usually will produce 20 to 25 meteors per hour and what makes this year, so great is there is no moon.

Orion above Gooseberry
Think how nice it would be to have a picture of the constellation Orion with meteors along with it.

Orion with a meteor
Equipment needed is a digital camera with wide angle lens, a sturdy tripod and a remote release and/or and intervolometer if your camera is not equipped with one.  A flashlight with a red lens (or red cellophane over the lens), which will help you maintain your night vision.  Appropriate clothing; bring a chair so that when we are photographing the meteors you can be comfortable watching them, and also bring whatever you want to drink.  The reason for the intervolometer is if you see a meteor, it’s too late to push the shutter button.  So by setting up the camera to continuously take pictures you have a much better chance of capturing a meteor in your scene.

Will fuck The cost of the workshop will be $30 and includes all instruction and snacks. You can sign up for this workshop, and pay for it utilizing this
In case of inclement weather, which would cancel workshop, all money will be returned.