Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Recent Trip to Costa Rica, part one

Statue in the gardens
I just returned from an excellent trip to Costa Rica, led by Greg Basco.  The tour was entitled the Art of Biodiversity-Pacific.  We had a wonderful group of people, besides myself, Moira from Scotland, Jim and Hali from Rhode Island, Allison from England and Sean from Wisconsin

crocodile statue surrounded by plans
sunset from my balcony
The first evening of the trip, we all gathered in the bar for a drink and introductions, and then we went into the dining room of the Hotel Bougainvillea for supper.  What makes the hotel so great that it is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden that is enjoyable not only just to look at, but to photograph.
Looking at the garden from my balcony
morning rainbow
The next morning after breakfast, Greg gave us a presentation and told us how to use fill flash both on and off the camera to create more pleasing pictures and then we went to photographed macro subjects in the garden of the hotel.
Land snail on a bromeliad
orb weaving spider
looking for my room out past the balcony
entrance to the hotel
more of the garden
Later in the morning, our tour bus arrived, driven by José, who is not only the driver but an excellent photographer also, and is a major asset to Greg's team.  After loading the bus, we drove to our next location, Cerro Lodge, which would be home for the next three days.  After settling in, we set up our equipment and started photographing birds that were coming to the feeders.  Some of the birds were cinnamon hummingbird, clay-colored thrush, and the melodious blackbird.

cinnamon hummingbird
White-throated Magpie-Jay
Rufus-napped Wren and coconut palm flowers
After a delicious supper, José heard the black and white owl calling and was able to located in the trees near the parking lot.  Everybody went and got their equipment and we were able to photograph this beautiful bird.
Black and white owl
Stay tuned for more follow-ups on the adventures in Costa Rica.

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