Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Waterfowl at Jenney Pond

Mute Swan I See You
We have continued to have below freezing days.  One advantage that this has as it causes ponds and lakes to freeze over.  However, if there is moving water from a stream or river, it will keep a portion of those ponds and lakes open.  This open water will cause waterfowl and other birds to congregate in these areas and if these areas are near the shoreline.  It allows for closer approach to the birds for better photography.

Sunday, I travel down to Jenney Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where most of the birds congregate on the far shore of the pond, except for the mallards.  Now most of the pond is frozen over, except with a stream comes running through and traveling down to the ocean.  The birds were swimming around, feeding flapping wings and basically ignoring me.

Hooded Merganser Drake Flapping
Gadwall and a Hooded Merganser
Hen and Drake, Gadwall
Hen and Drake Hooded Merganser
American Coot
Ring-Billed Gull Trying to Take off and Slid off the Ice into the Water
So if you have a pond or a lake near you, take a trip and see what you can photograph.

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