Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Morning at Plymouth, Massachusetts

Finally, God out photographing, after a few days with a cold.  Travel down to Plymouth early in the morning to be the rain.  First stop was Nelson's Beach, at low tide, where we photographed the Osprey pair.  The male was hanging out on a post, and then flew around carrying what was left of of fish that he was eating.  He flew to the nest that I thought he was going to land, but he continue flying and went into the trees in the background.  I was hoping for some shorebirds, however, there were a few people walking the dogs on the beach, and even the gulls were few and far between.

We then checked out the parking lot behind East Bay Grill, where we found the first laughing gull of the year.

We finished the day at Jenney Pond, where there was the usual subjects, plus black-crowned night-herons and double-crested cormorants.  I spent most of the time watching a Canada goose adjusting the material on what I consider to be her nest and the interesting part, it is located just off the shore at a location where it is very visible to visitors.

An American black duck entertained us with preening.  As the weather gods started spitting at us.  We call the morning quits, packed up and headed home.  But the day photographing is better than any work.

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