Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Beach Ramble

Doug explaining
Memorial day morning, my colleague Doug led a Beach ramble for Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary.  There was a great turnout with at least 24+ adults and 3+ children, there were a family sitting on the beach, with chairs, and with their children building castles but once explained the regulations for the beach they actually joined our ramble.  Doug did his usual excellent job of explaining a number of the items that were found on the beach and elsewhere on the walk.  The older children had a great time finding items for Doug to explain about them.  My plan was to do some macro photography, which I did, but due to the large side of of the group I also did some education to people about what we found and what was located around the sanctuary.  My son and his girl did photograph a number of the bird species that we identified.
People on the ramble

people on the ramble
Buttercup with a Cuckoo Wasp

Beach Plum

Our Not so Friendly Plant-Poison Ivy

Glossy Ibis in Flight Taken by Jenna


Common Eider

Tree Swallows Mating

Yellow Warbler

Snowy Egret

In all, I agree with Doug, this was our best ramble, and the number of people want to come on more rambles, and also do some volunteer work, plus a few wanted a basic photography course which I will set up later with the sanctuary.
Map of the walk

If anybody is interested in joining other programs that Allens Pond Sanctuary, has you can check on this site at

Hope to see you all on one of the summer rambles.

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