Saturday, May 9, 2015

Texas Hill Country Finale

This is the final blog about the Texas Hill Country.  The owners of the Block Creek Natural Area, received permission for our group to drive down the road and photograph an old farmstead.  The Ferdinand Hohenberger farmstead was purchased in 1871 and remained in the family until 1915.  It was interesting seeing and photographing the old houses and wagons on the farmstead.  In fact, the main house is still occupied.

The rest of the pictures are some scenes from around The Block Creek Natural Area.  As I said before, this is a great place to visit and the owners, Larry and Sharron will take great care of you.
This is how we travel to and from the blinds

we all had breakfast together

another view of the Jeep

part of the porch at the house

Finally, approximately 5 miles up the road is the Last Tunnel State Park, the pack has a half-mile walking trail and you can view the opening to the old railway tunnel.  Right now, what and Park is noted for is that in May through October up to 3 million Mexican free tail bats and 3000 myotis bats fly out of the tunnel and fill the sky.  Because we were photographing until almost 8 o'clock. I was not able to witness this phenomena.  I did create a panoramic of the view from the upper viewing deck at the park.
Panorama of Texas Hill country.

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