Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Common Terns Sitting on a Lobster Buoy
The all day trip that I was on Sunday.  Remember was entitled "Seabirds and Whales Tales".  So I would like to show some of the photos of seabirds that we saw.  A variety of seabirds were identified and could be seen with binoculars, but because of distances, and a lot of times flying away from the boat, it was hard to get photographs.  All four shearwaters were identified; Great, Cory's, Manx, and Sooty.  They were great black-backed gull's, herring gulls, laughing gulls and a second year black-luggage kittiwake.  The gulls ranged in age from first-year to adults in their plumage.  Common terns were flying around, along with parasitic jaeger in a northern fulmar.  Wilson's storm petrels were flitting all around.  If the whales were feeding, we would've seen a lot more seabirds because the seabirds like to pick up the sand lances that are left over.  Normally, chumming brings in a lot of birds, but the only ones that seem to be interested with a great black-back gulls.  All the northern Gannet's that we observed range from 1st to 3rd year plumage birds.
Shearwater Flying over the Wake from the Boat

Corey Shearwater With Reflection

Great Black-Backed Gull Sitting on a Buoy in the Shipping Lane
Great Black-backed Gull Landing for Chum
Northern Gannet in Flight

Second Year Plumage Black-Legged Kittiwake in Flight

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