Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Small Stuff

Ebony Jewelwing-male
Since it's spring into summer, I have been out doing macro and close-up photography, of course, along with everything else.  In North America, there is probably 90,000 different species of insects, and unless you are a trained entomologist, and have a library of real detailed field guides, it can be very difficult and identifying exactly what species and insect is.  I am happy at times to get it in the two the closest family.  As I work at my computer viewing the downloaded pictures, utilizing my field guides and Internet searches, it still is hard at times to identify what that insect is.  I utilize BugGuide.net to help with my identification.  You can join up for free, then post a picture and people if they can identify the insect will re-post a reply.
Ebony Jewelwing-female, the female is not antsy iridescent as the male and has a black spot at the tip of its wings

Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Chewing Its Way through a Rosebush

Bee Species Gathering Pollen
Damselflies Copulating

I Photographed This Wasp Feeding on Nectar, and Also Captured a Tiny Fly

Damselflies Copulating

Lancet Clubtail

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