Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Night at Gooseberry

Last night, there was a possibility of Aurora, so we went out to Gooseberry in order to watch the skies and photograph whatever we saw.  The sunset had some nice color at the horizon, but there was not any clouds, so we did not get one of those very colorful sunset's.  The moon was in the sky brightly shining in its first quarter view..  This guy slowly darkened, then Venus followed by Jupiter and finally Regulus appeared in the sky.  Jupiter is catching up to Venus and by the beginning of the month should be at their closest conjunction until next year.  It was a beautiful night, with intermittent clouds some breeze, pesky mosquitoes and people out just walking, going fishing or kids celebrating the end, the school going to have a campfire on the beach.  Once the clouds passed the Milky Way was able to be captured by the cameras because of the moon.  It was not as bright in the sky as usual, Cassiopeia W was just above the horizon and in one picture I have some green color, which may have been an Aurora.  We watched a couple of satellites, passing overhead one on a west to east direction and one and a north south direction.  The moon shined rightly on the water and as the evening progressed, the planet slowly sank into the northwest.  It is always great to be out and observe the wonder of the heavens that flow above us, plus capturing a bit of it in our cameras.
Looking south with the stars in the sky, clouds and a fire on the beach

Milky Way panorama

Cassiopeia above, a possible Aurora

moonlight reflection on the water

satellite passing overhead

Venus, Jupiter and Regulus slowly setting in the West
same photo as above, but captioned
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