Sunday, July 12, 2015

Plymouth's Nelson Park Ospreys.

Ospreys in the Nest
Nelson Park is located in Plymouth and on the beach for a number of years there has been an Osprey nest.  The adult ospreys are named Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton.  This year they have hatched four chicks.  The chicks are fully feathered and at least one has fledged and knows how to fly.  One of the other chicks is flap in its wings and trying to fly.  On Sunday morning.  We arrived around 8 o'clock starting to observe and photograph the Osprey chicks.  I met a friend who was leaving who had arrived at 6 o'clock and did see one of the chicks fly.  While we watched the nest two of the chicks were up and around and performing activities such as looking, calling preening and one of the chicks was trying out its wings.  Across the marsh, on a pole, the first Osprey chick was sitting.  We were hoping to see it fly back to the nest, but, it remained on the pole had only preened and flapped its wings.  One of the interesting facts is because of the nest location, the Osprey a very used to people, and are not really bothered by them.  In fact, when we left at 9:40 AM the beach was filling up with people sunbathing.  In fact, the parking lot was completely full, and there were a line of cars waiting for us to leave.

Osprey Flapping Its Wings
Osprey Calling
Osprey Trying out Its Wings
Osprey fledgling On the Post
If you are in the Plymouth area and you want to observe the Osprey's the best time is probably early in the morning before all the crowds show up.