Monday, August 10, 2015

Tale of Woe!

I received my notice that I could upgrade to Windows 10.  With everything backed up, it was a very easy process.  When those 10 definitely is a lot easier to use than Windows 8 and to me at because maybe I'm used to it almost as easy as Windows 7.  Initially it worked perfectly, then I started running into problems.  I would try to restart the computer, but it would not restart.  I had to restart by pushing the on off button on the computer.  Then it would not shut down.  Okay I push the button again and continued working and then I lost all my latest photographs that I downloaded for the month of August.  Luckily they were backed up, and I was able to recover the files.  Thank God, that within the first 30 days you can revert back to Windows 7.  Yes, I did that and everything seems to be working better.

Yes, I will update to Windows 10, but I am going to wait a while until some of the bugs are gone.  I would like to hear how other people's upgrade to Windows 10 went.  Is there problems are that I just have bad luck.