Friday, August 7, 2015

Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge, Middletown, Rhode Island.

Yesterday morning, the kids and I went down to Sachuest to walk the trails and to photograph whatever we could find.  We started at the salt marsh located on third beach,, where many semipalmated plovers were running around in the flats.  Also, a pier of white-tailed deer were walking through the flats, both a doe and a buck.  A least skipper was hiding in the weeds, plus a House sparrow set up for a good view and pose for photographs.
Semipalmated Plover Bathing

Least Skipper

House Sparrow

Buck White-Tailed Deer in the Marsh
Next we drove up to the main refuge and started walking along the Ocean view Trail coming across another of doe, plus immature male common yellowthroats and a large number of American goldfinches.  On the ocean side, people were fishing and then areas waves were crashing against the rocks.
Juvenile Male Common Yellowthroat
American Goldfinches
Waves Crashing on the Rocks
When we reached the trail that comes down from the visitors center, we continued along the Flint point trail.  Before we got to the lookout at Flint point, there is a cross trail that bypasses the point.  Normally, we do not take this trail, but, today I decided let's try it.  I am glad we did.  We saw two species of Clearwing moths feeding, plus goldfinches and house finches and a monarch.
Drill map
American Goldfinch

House Finch

Morning Glory


Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

After finishing photographing on the side trail, we headed back to the visitors center, where overhead there were many swallows flying including rough-winged swallows.
Rough-winged Swallow

About the only thing that was bad about the visit, for us as photographers, was there were many people walking or running the trails.  The problem was that these people would cause the birds to flush.  However, it was great to see people out enjoying nature.

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