Monday, September 21, 2015

Biodiversity of the Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica, led by Greg Bosco

Blue-crowned Motmot
I am now home from my fourth trip to Costa Rica.  Each trip gets better.  This trip led by Greg Bosco of Foto Verde Tours was wonderful, educational, and terrific.  The tour was called Biodiversity of the Caribbean Coast.  It definitely was diverse.  We photographed landscapes, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects.  We photographed in the rain forest at sea level and at 300 feet long with the cloud forest at 5000 feet.  The group either learn to refresh the knowledge of utilizing fill flash in the darker jungle forest along with using flash off camera has fill flash or main lighting.  Because we did a number of night shoots a good flashlight was important.  Greg's knowledge of how to shoot in the darker surroundings of the rainforests was extremely useful in order to give us great photographs.  We were not looking for millions of great photographs, but a small diverse number of excellent photographs.  Greg Bosco and Glenn Bartley book "The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography" is an excellent guide to help you prepare for your trip to any jungle location.  It is available for purchase at  Greg's tours are located at  The tours include hotel accommodations and all fees except plane fare and Costa Rica's exit tax.  José Vargas is the bus driver, along with being a photographer and a great help to the participants in finding species and helping you to photograph them.  Every trip that I take.  I always learn something new to help me in my photography and so will not you if you go on one of these trips.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.  There will be many more blogs and pictures as I go through and edit all my pictures.  Keep tuned.
Howler Monkey

White-face Capuchin

Yellow-eyed Tree Frog

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