Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On to the Caribbean Coast

Well, I spent most of yesterday and today selecting and deleting pictures from the Costa Rican trip.  I deleted over 1000 pictures which were either blurry or scenes of hummingbird feeders of flowers that was set up for hummingbirds that did not contain any birds.  Right now, many of the foreign are in flora on not identified and that will be my next task.  About 10% of my pictures, which in the next step will be reevaluated, starred and processed.

This blog will be a discussion about the first two days of the trip.  I flew out of Boston at 5 AM and finally landed in San Jose, Costa Rica at 10:30 AM (Costa Rica is two hours behind Boston).  After passing through customs, outside the airport.  I was met by my driver and driven to the Hotel Bougainvillea.  After checking in, I took my camera and went out to their beautiful gardens.  Early that evening three of us met Greg for a drink and were told we would be leaving in the morning at 6 AM.  After supper I got everything ready for the trip by taking my tripod out of my checked luggage, since we wanted available when we stopped for breakfast.  Because of the possibility of sloths being in that area.

Yellowish Flycatcher
Well worn Monarch
Blue-crowned Motmot
When we all gathered at 6 AM to load the bus, one of the participants who came in very late was known to me, as he was my roommate on a Banff-Jasper workshop.  We arrived at the restaurant and had an enjoyable breakfast, but did not look for slots since it was raining out.  We we boarded the bus and traveled to the boat landing on Río la Suerte, where we would pick up our boat to travel to the Evergreen Lodge in Tortuguero.  Since we had a private boat to ourselves, on the trip down to the Lodge.  We photographed various birds along the side of the river.  In the Tortuguero area, there are no roads, all supplies must be brought in by boat.  The town, lodges and homes are all located in or very near Parque Nacional Tortuguero.
Greg Bosco and José Vargas
At the River Landing
The boats used to get down to all the resorts and town
Brahma Cow Feeding
Green Ibis Silhouette
One of the Many Boat Landings on the River
Finally arriving at the Lodge, we were greeted with a fruit punch, assigned rooms, and after we settled in.  We photographed birds, monkeys and lizards.
Howler Monkey
White-faced Capuchin
Coconut Palm
Leaf in the Water
Small Lizard
Red Flower
Halloween Crab
Slaty-tailed Trogan
Howler Monkey
Basilisk Lizard
In the evening, Greg gave us a lecture on the use of flash and jungle photography.

After supper and a drink.  We all settled into bed since we needed to wake up early in the morning for our first boat tour to the jungle canals to search for wildlife to photograph.

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