Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boat Trips through the Tortuguero National Park

Red-lored Amazon
Continuing our stay at Evergreen Lodge in the Tortuguero National Park, we had three private boat trips along the river and into the canals of the park.  What made this great was that each of us basically had a row of the boat to themselves and it was very rare that we got into each other's way.  Jeffrey, who was the captain of the boat, was great in finding us creatures to photograph and maneuvering the boat to help us get the best angle.  Regular tour boats, have a naturalist guide, but they are loaded with people.

Tour Boat
There were fauna, flora and landscapes to photograph and I am just going to show a selection of photographs from three different boat trips.

Speckled Caiman
Tiger Heron
View down the River
Black and White Tree Silhouette
Howler Monkey
Little Blue Heron
Mangrove Swallow in Flight
Anhinga Drying Its Wings
Panorama of the Vegetation Reflection in the Black Water Canal
Keeled-billed Toucan
Mangrove Hawk
Green Iguana
Snowy Catinga
Basilisk lizard
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Green Heron Fishing
Amazon Kingfisher
Royal Tern in Flight
Magnificent Frigatebird
Green Iguana Swimming across the River
Green Iguana Climbing out of the River
Male and Female Basilisks
Black River Turtle
Anhinga Eating a Fish
Northern Jacuna
Green Iguana with Spines up, Peering over Vegetation
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
White faced Capuchin
Spider Monkey

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