Monday, September 28, 2015

Supermoon - Blood Moon - Eclipse

Moonrise over the Elizabeth islands and Buzzards Bay 
Last night was the final eclipse of the tetrad.  The weather gods were kind compared to the previous eclipses.  Two were rained out and the third was only able to be seen through half the eclipse since it clouded completely over.  Three of us were at Gooseberry neck at the time of moonrise and one person joined us for the eclipse.  We stayed and watched the moonrise in the sky and the clips begin and finally stopped after the moon was coming out of full eclipse.  At the time of the eclipse you were able to see the stars shining in the sky.  The sky started out clear and then a few high thin clouds passed over the moon and dissipated by the time the eclipse began.  There were many people at Gooseberry out to watch, party and enjoy the eclipse.

Once I had the moon in sharp focus, I turned my camera's autofocus to manual and until the moon was half eclipsed I did not have to change any shutter speed.  It was a wonderful evening and a good time was had by all.
Moon Climbing toward Full
Start of the Eclipse
Eclipse Continuing
Almost Full Eclipse
Full Eclipse
Full Eclipse and the Stars Showing in the Night Sky
Composite of the Eclipse